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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Joyfully Growing Healthy Fruit

Here I go again, posting about fruit and especially berries!!!

My Jan. and Feb. 2013 posts were on the same topic,
as well as this recent post: http://suescottagegarden.blogspot.com/2012/06/wonderful-wonderful-raspberries-and.html.

I guess I just cannot say enough about this wonderful gift that mother nature provides for us.

Not just fresh fruit salad (a traditional, healthy dessert), but fruit as a snack or for breakfast is not only delicious, it is nutritious, too.  The natural antioxidants and fiber of fresh fruit support the body's defenses and help to keep it running smoothly. When adding fruit to your diet, consider including the following choices, which according to the USDA, are fruits that are exceptionally high in antioxidants:

Wild blueberries
Red delicious apples
Granny Smith apples
Sweet cherries
Black plums

This list is not all inclusive, since many other red to black fruits also are considered antioxidant rich fruits. Fruit on a little cottage cheese is one of my favorites. I especially like blueberries (homegrown) or local organic, blackberries and raspberries homegrown, as well as other homegrown berries. I love most berries for baking, and especially cranberries and blueberries  (scones are a favorite).

Berries are so easy to grow and care for in the home garden. They are forgiving if you ignore them. You just don't want to ignore them during the harvesting seasons, or you will miss out on some great tastes. I try not to munch too much when harvesting with my little berry basket hanging from my arm.  

What is your favorite fruit? Your favorite berries? Think of what you get for very little input of energy. How do you use and/or preserve your harvest? Jams?, Frozen individually and put in freezer containers/bags for easy access? Do you dry your berries, and put a little pin prick in each one so the center dries and they don't mold later? Or do you just eat all your berries fresh out of the garden and share them with family, friends, neighbors? Whatever you do, growing berries will bring joy. 

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