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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Early spring is a time for pruning in my yard this year!

March has been a month spent in the garden pruning and pulling those aggressive Oxalis yellow flowers. It has been a better workout than going to the gym 5 days a week.

I now have three new fruit trees planted in my new fruit tree bed. I purchased an O'Henry peach, a Fantasia nectarine, and a Royal Blenheim apricot at Fowler nursery in Newcastle (up the hill). I am so excited to get these trees planted. I lost my huge apricot this last fall and it broke my heart. I am hoping this new apricot tastes as yummy as my old one did.

The last three years have not included the needed big time pruning on my property - so it is happening this year. The thornless blackberries were cleaned out and look great - ready to produce lots of blackberries. The huge plum tree in my front yard just lost a huge limb yesterday that was encroaching my neighbors drive-way. Wow - there is so much light under that tree now. I was able to severely prune the two roses on the trellis next to the tree too, so I am expecting a fantastic show later this spring. One is a peace climber rose and produces huge blooms.

Now, I have plum flowers in the house to spread their sweetness and bring the promise of spring.

And the pruning story continues . . . . To be continued this week.

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l'oeuf said...

sue! i would love to visit and see the changing garden in sacramento! here in LA we were thinking of adopting an heirloom olive tree that needs a new home, and we have a dwarf orange and leoms lready. You can see we are planning to keep the miditerrenean diet

lots of love from joey & joan