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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Edible garden at California's Capitol Park

Sacramento's Capitol Park may have an edible garden too. The details have not come out yet, but this article hit the Sac. Bee today.

Edible garden planned for Capitol Park

Days after first lady Michelle Obama broke ground on a White House garden, California first lady Maria Shriver announced Wednesday she plans to establish an edible garden at Capitol Park in Sacramento.

Shriver plans to grow fruits, vegetables and other edible plants on an 800-square-foot plot east of 13th Street between Capitol Avenue and L Street, said spokesman Francisco Castillo. The space currently holds a flower bed.

"This new garden will bring awareness to children, students and visitors about the important role of food, where it comes from, nutritional value, how it is grown and harvested and ultimately how it reaches the tables of those who need it most," Shriver said in a statement.

Shriver plans to work with the California School Garden Network and chef Alice Waters, who established The Edible Schoolyard organic gardening program at a Berkeley middle school.

"It's a project she's thought about for a while," Castillo said.

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