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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Okay Mother Nature! I've had enough WIND!

We have had too many days of wind. Thank goodness the worst of it is over.

I actually lost a few plants in pots that I overlooked during my watering regime.

Twenty-five to thirty-five mile an hour winds does not blend into my type of garden.

Poor Mme. Alfred Carriere, an 1879 old rose, who is a strong climber and tall rambler to 15’ and also in full bloom with large white blush pink flowers. Why? Her branches are spread all over the yard with blooms resting on the lawn. Tying up all of those very long branches will be a 3 hour job. I just purchased a couple trellis structures to help tie her up.

Wednesday, I planted a three year old Suncrest peach tree. I couldn't find one to buy during bare root time, so my friend Vicky enticed her friend to dig this tree out of his yard and donate it to me. The tree had not done well in its old home. In fact I found two small leaves with curly leaf. I soaked the root ball with a strong dose of compost tea and poured some over some of the leaves.

Thursday my new Suncrest peach looked okay. No leaves are hanging. The woodland perennials that I had to dig up so I could plant the peach don't look as perky.

So, Saturday will be the day I plant most of my vegetables. I have the rest of the tomatoes to plant, some of my peppers to plant, my eggplant and many more herbs. I still need to purchase a couple roma heirloom tomatoes. I need to see if my zucchini has sprouted in the greenhouse, because I would like to plant it soon.

Love this time of year. Just one problem. Sunday is supposed to be 94 degrees. Ugh!

"Gardening has compensations out of all proportions to its goals. It is creation in the pure sense."-Phillis McGinley (1805-1978)

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